Baby in Pink Horror Game: Scary Babysitting games

Baby in Pink Horror Game Scary Babysitting games


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Storyline of this creepy babysitting games is completely based on taking care of unruly children. In this horror baby game, you will play the role of babysitter of a spooky baby like other creepy baby games. Your neighbor needs help for babysitting of their scary baby game because they are going somewhere and they cannot take their baby with them. All you need is to take care of their creepy baby as a nanny for the whole day in baby escape game.

Having a baby is a great responsibility so here you have some daily tasks in a horror baby game. Parents give their baby to you so now it’s your duty to feed their naughty & horror baby. Changing diaper of creepy baby is also the part of your duty, he will try his best to scare you but now it’s up to you to tackle his horror baby game trick. He will usually try to escape in front of you in baby escape game, when will you busy in your house hold work of creepy babysitting games. Now it’s up to you, how you will use your horror babysitting game skills by managing household work with babysitting games horror.

The baby in pink is a nightmare adventure where you will play the role of babysitter horror games in the creepy babysitting games. In this horror babysitting game, taking care of a scary baby game is your duty, you have a different babysitting task than a creepy babysitting games as a nanny. But it’s not going to be as easy as it seems, He will distract you by wanting extra care this is the trick of unruly baby. He starts crying to show that he is hungry and after feeding he will become more energetic baby in pink horror game.

Key Feature of Horror Babysitting Game

• Smooth and easy Controls of scary baby game.
• High quality scary babysitting game graphics.
• Creepy environment of baby escape game.
• Realistic 3d sound effects.

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