High School Dog Simulator 【Visual Novel】

High School Dog Simulator Visual Novel


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High School Dog Simulator 【Visual Novel】 My Android – Apps on Google Play online from modtoide unlimited Hacks Play as a Shiba Inu and attend high school like a regular student!

◆ Fully voiced in English & Japanese
◆ 16 fun unique endings
◆ 5~15 minute routes
◆ No mid-story ads or paid content blocks
◆ Live2D Characters
◆ No additional data downloads

Shiba is a convict dog currently serving a life sentence for a previously undisclosed crime. As part of a new program, he’s offered the chance to commute his sentence if he can prove to be a regular member of society again. To do so, he must attend high school and stay out of trouble at all costs.

This game features a branching storyline ultimately leading to 16 unique endings between 4 different character routes. When you a finish an ending, you can use the skip feature to quickly get back to a spot you were interested, or you can choose to take the story in an entirely different direction!

🌟Voice over🌟
All 5 characters are fully voiced in both English & Japanese and feature an all-star voice over cast. You can change between both voice languages any time without any additional downloads! The English VO cast features:
◆ Kira Buckland
◆ Yuliya Faye
◆ Erika Harlacher
◆ Kaiji Tang
◆ Joe Goffeney

Additionally, there are 18 unique achievements for you to discover as you progress through different storylines.

Visit the game’s home page at https://www.shibamaru.jp/#shiba for a full breakdown on what to expect from the characters that you will encounter!

This is our first release, so be sure to tweet us @shibamaruJP https://twitter.com/shibamaruJP and let us you know what you want to see in future content updates! (Or just send us a meme)
・Soft menu redesign
・Hidden achievement notifications in 2 cases to avoid spoilers
・Shop’s ‘purchase’ button removed (previously disabled)

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