Maca&Roni: Jump Action Arcade

MacaRoni Jump Action Arcade


Maca&Roni: Jump Action Arcade  screenshots 1
Maca&Roni: Jump Action Arcade My Android – Apps on Google Play online from modtoide unlimited Hacks Jump higher and higher with Maca&Roni!
Easy-to-adapt controls, addictive gameplay and endless jumping for anyone!

Control cute Maca&Roni to avoid all obstacles on your way to the sky.
Don’t forget to upgrade and use various items to achieve the highest score.

– One-handed play.
– An endless arcade adventure for anyone.
– Over 50 different costume to play with.
– Various stages to explore and discover.
– An increasingly challenging experience.
– Play it anywhere, anytime.
– No internet connection required.

[Game Story]
The cute clumsy assistants Maca&Roni are back!
What kind of accident will they cause today?
In the lab of genius inventor Dr. Albert and his 2 assistant, there are many interesting and extraordinary inventions!
But… Wait! What are Maca and Roni, the troublemaker, doing in the absence of Dr. Al?!
Huh… once again our clumsy assistant cause trouble by breaking one of the newest inventions of Dr. Al!!
To escape the furious doctor, help Maca and Roni to run away by jumping higher and higher up in the sky!
Don’t let Dr. Albert catch them!


Required access guidline

1. Allow access to device photos, media, and files.
-This permission is required to save the files required to run the game on your device.
-Access to pictures, media, and files on your device includes permissions to use storage,
if this permission is not permitted, information required to run the game cannot be read.

2. Mobile phone status and ID
-Required for ‘User Account Creation and Verification.

If you have any problems with the gameplay or if you have any suggestions, please contact the customer service center (
– Add attendance reward
– Bug fixed

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