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Triviador My Android – Apps on Google Play online from modtoide unlimited Hacks Triviador is a unique game genre that offers more than a simple trivia game.
Conquer territories, attack castles while answering trivia questions. Test your knowledge, and use your strategic strength.

Join the weekly challenge, get into the next league level every week. Be the best knight of Triviador in the season.
Beat your opponents with your knowledge and with a great strategy to get to know what it feels like to be a LEGEND.

Be a part of the Triviador’s community, join a clan, or establish one and together be the best players.

You not only compare your knowledge with English language speaker players, but you can battle with the best trivia players from all over the world.
You can get to the top of the global rank list with your personal stat or with your clan’s results too.
Whether could you beat anybody? It’s time to show the world.

Do not forget your friends… invite them to play a friendly game.

You will find your preferred game mode between the several ones.
If you’d like to battle in a quick game with two opponents then Short Campaign is your way. If you’d like to show your knowledge in more rounds then choose Long Campaign. If you’d like to play cooperatively then choose Alliance and defeat the Lord Evil’s Empire.

Be a part of Triviador!

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Here’s the latest version of your favorite trivia game, Triviador.
Clan features are out! Invite new member to your clan, reorganize your community.
If you don’t want to play against international players nowon you can turn it off.
We also updated the game with new sound effects, and fixed some bugs based on your feedback.
Convert your old account to the new game to keep your stats and continue playing Triviador!

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